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The Supreme Script Pack includes:

  • A user-friendly template project for Leadwerks which provides five example maps implementing the features below.
  • Lua & glsl code implementing:
    • Vehicles
    • First & third person players
    • GUI operations
    • IO operations
    • Pre-caching
    • AI
    • Video playback
    • Facial animation through vertex manipulation
    • Weapons
    • Item pickups (health, ammo, repair kits)
    • An inventory
    • Randomized loading screens
    • Waypoints
    • Player & npc animation
    • A complete menu system with audio & visual control options as well as rebindable controls
    • Shaders altered for a specific desaturated "cinematic" look that can be easily customized
    • A dissolving material shader
    • Intense optimization for the shortest load times & highest frame rate.
    • Upgrades for vehicles
    • Pause and mute for alt-tab
    • Cutscenes
    • Garbage collection techniques
    • And more
  • Additional assets including:
    • Particle effects
    • Prefabs
    • GUI elements


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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